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School Management Software


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The School Management Application is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, and improve the overall efficiency of educational institutions. By integrating various modules and functionalities, the application provides administrators, teachers, students, and parents with a centralized platform to manage academic, administrative, and extracurricular activities.

Key Feature:

Student Admission:

Student Admission Efficient student admission processes are the cornerstone of any educational institution. Diginik Solutions' School Management Application simplifies and streamlines the student admission process, from initial inquiry to enrollment, ensuring a seamless experience for both prospective students and administrative staff.

1. Online Admission Forms

2. Application Tracking
3. Document Management

4. Admission Criteria Configuration

Manage Teacher:

1. Teacher Profiles

2. Attendance Tracking

3. Schedule Management

4. Lesson Planning

5.Course Assignment

6. Document Management
7. Manage student 

Attendance Management

   Efficiently tracking and managing attendance is paramount for ensuring accountability, safety, and compliance within educational institutions. Diginik Solutions' School Management Application offers robust Attendance Management features designed to streamline attendance tracking, improve accuracy, and enhance administrative efficiency.

1. Automated Attendance Tracking

2. Real-time Monitoring

3. Multi-level Attendance Reporting

Live Classes:

 Enable real-time virtual classrooms with interactive features such as video streaming, screen sharing, and live chat. Empower teachers to conduct engaging lessons and interact with students in a dynamic online environment.

  1. Two-Way Communication
  2. Recording and Playback
  3. Attendance Tracking
  4. Polls and Quizzes
  5. Real-Time Feedback

Exam Online

  1. Online Exam Creation: Create and customize online exams with ease, including setting time limits, question types (multiple choice, short answer, essay, etc.), and difficulty levels.

  2. Secure Exam Environment: Ensure exam integrity with secure proctoring options, including browser lockdown, webcam monitoring, and keystroke analysis to prevent cheating.

  3. Remote Proctoring: Enable remote proctoring capabilities to monitor exam sessions in real-time, verify student identities, and prevent unauthorized behavior.

  4. Question Bank Management: Build a comprehensive question bank with categorized questions, tags, and metadata for easy organization and reuse in multiple exams.

School Management Software

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